Our New Single - Out Now!

We are excited to drop our second single ‘Wait for Me’. 

"Eclectic, chill, and dreamy by design. Appreciate the deep, brooding, and curious mood this gives off. It's a blend of alt-rock and dream pop, with shoegaze and lo-fi undertones. The ambient overtones cutting through the atmosphere add a holding sense of psychedelic elements that make for a spacious, immersive tone. Clearly you have a flair for such an oddly engaging style." 


Dark atmospheric ethereal wave band Sonica evokes the sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division and Lush, blending emotive female vocals, effects-soaked guitars, and vibrant rhythms.

What our audience says:
“Chilled vibes..”       “Atmospheric and moody...”      “Something really different from other bands around....”          “What a great voice!” 

Header Image: @SnapsPhotography2020
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